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Hycosan Original
HYCOSAN® Original

Hycosan® Original (0.1% Sodium Hyaluronate) is a sterile, preservative-free lubricant for moderate dry eye and contact lens discomfort

Hycosan Fresh 1600x800

Hycosan Fresh (0.03% Sodium Hyaluronate & Euphrasia) is a preservative free lubricatiant for irritated or mild dry eye

Hycosan Extra

Hycosan® Extra (0.2% Sodium Hyaluronate) is four times more viscous than Hycosan® Original, and is recommended for moderate to severe dry eye. Hycosan® Extra is preservative-free, sterile for 6 months from opening and contact lens compatible.

Hycosan Plus

Hycosan® Plus (0.1% Sodium Hyaluronate & 2% Dexpanthenol) is recommended for severe cases of Dry Eye and after eye surgery. Hycosan® Plus is preservative-free, sterile for 6 months from opening and contact lens compatible.

Product Benefits
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The Hycosan® family of preservative and phosphate free ocular lubricants, are leading players in the Sodium Hyaluronate market in the UK and Ireland.


  • Contact lens compatible
  • Ideal for mild, moderate and severe forms of dry eye
  • Little wastage due to metered drop
  • Can be used for up to 6 months
  • Natural, soothing, tolerable ingredients
  • User friendly bottle
  • Support available for users with manual dexterity issues
  • Sterile for up to six months

Product Features
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  • Preservative & Phosphate free
  • Suitable for mild, moderate and severe forms of Dry Eye Disease
  • Natural ingredients
  • High quality Sodium Hyaluronate – long chain molecule
  • Remains sterile for 6 months from opening
  • Patented Continuous Mono Dose System (COMOD®) System
  • Compatible with Compleye

To view the guide on how to use the COMOD® System, click here.
COMOD Bottle

Preservatives are no longer required!

An airless multidose system that eliminates all contact of bacteria with the solution inside the bottle.


“Having now had the Hycosan range in store, customer feedback has been very positive and most customers have felt that the drops are better / effective than other artificial drops that they have used in the past.”“The Optometrists are keen to recomme...
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Badrinath Mohandas BSc (Hons) FBDO; Director Specsavers Uckfield

"It is always a pleasure dealing with Scope Ophthalmics. I know that their representative (Lisa) is just a phone-call or email away and is always willing to help. Scope offer us a full range of simple but highly effective products to help our patient...
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Anthony Optom @ Ross Maskell ? Opticians Altrincham

“We at Jane Smellie Opticians have been using Scope to supply us with the Hycosan family of products for a while now, and I do believe it to be the best options for patients with dry eye. The staff from Scope are extremely helpful, they not only gave...
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Neema @ Jane Smellie Opticians

These eye drops are the best ones I've ever used: I use these for very dry eyes (they feel a lot more "slippery") and blue ones for very frequent use. As an IT professional these are irreplaceable and can be even used with contact lenses. Shame these...
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Alexandra from London, UK

5 Stars – The product is helping the problem of my dry eyes, have tried a lot of eye remedies but this is excellent.
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Customer Anon

The best eye drops I have used for dry eye, been using them for a while now
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Customer Anon

An excellent product for anyone seeking to ease their dry eye problem. Just one drop of the stuff is needed to make your dry eye(s) feel a lot better - does not roll down your cheeks (like other brands) and is thick enough to really feel that it's do...
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Customer Anon

Could not do without this product. Have been `blessed' with dry eyes since hitting my late 30s and what with perhaps too much computer use during the day complicated with the fact that I am a contact lens wearer I have been looking for a product that...
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Customer Anon

I wish to express my congratulations and thanks for your superb products. Having suffered from very dry eyes for several years, I have used Hycosan for about a week. I awoke one morning and wondered what was different - I did not have to rub my eyes ...
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Customer Anon

Brilliant for overnight or when not wearing eye makeup as the oily formulation is very long lasting.
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Customer Anon

Excellent product, particularly as it has a long usage time and is preservative free.
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Customer Anon

Helps keep my very dry eyes moisturised during the day without making my eye makeup run.
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Customer Anon

I was recommended by an eye specialist your Vita-POS product. I simply cannot tolerate any eye moisturising product in liquid drop form so had been using Lacrilube, which was far too heavy and making my life uncomfortable. Vita-POS is so much better ...
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Customer Anon


The COMOD® system Explained
  • 6 months sterility
  • Preservative Free
  • One Click, one drop system